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My name is Anne and it has come to my attention that I would have the opportunity to write a testimonial about Front Range Tax Resolution.  Approximately four years ago I was fortunate enough to find my way to this fabulous company, with dire need for tax help.  My situation was critical due to past taxes that were threatening my home, my financial security and keeping me up nights in total worry.  When I received a call from Judd Kalush, he was very friendly, full of knowledge about taxes, which escape my understanding and a willingness to head straight into IRS negotiations on my behalf.  To say he has saved the day is an understatement!  Just knowing I have Front Range Tax in my corner is a secure feeling and has proved to be the best move I could have made.  I recommend Front Range Tax to anyone who needs assistance with taxes.  Don’t waste your money or time on the advertisements on TV about past tax, just call Judd Kalush and relax your worries! I know I have..

Anne Stolsig


Dear Judd,

I just wanted to give my sincere thanks to you and your team at Front Range Tax Resolution for resolving my 2010 Tax debt with the IRS.  I could not have done this on my own.  In fact, if I had attempted to tackle this by myself, I fear the outcome would have been devastating and extremely difficult to manage!

I have been most impressed with the professional manner in which you handled this situation on my behalf.  Your understanding of the IRS Tax Code and more especially the “inner workings” of Protocol and Investigative processes has been invaluable to the amicable resolution of this case.  The knowledge and skill sets of your staff that assisted in the whole process go beyond the norm in my book.  Leadership comes from the top and you have definitely left your signature on your employees.

To put it plainly, upon speaking with you at our initial consultation I was immediately comfortable and relieved to “have you in my corner”!  The positive result of this one phone call was the reprieve of the daily burden and worry of the “unknown,” allowing the refocusing of my talents and energy towards being productive and profitable in my vocation.  I can’t imagine where I would be today in this process and the ensuing mess had I not dialed your number.

I do not hesitate to recommend your firm to others who need intervention and assistance with Tax Resolution, and most assuredly “Front Range” will be handling my future personal and corporate needs. Thanks again!



Richard Huxtable



Huxtable Electric Inc.

ElumiNation Energy Solutions LLC.

1580 Championship Blvd.

Franklin, TN 37064

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Our sincerest thanks, Judd, for your outstanding and professional service in resolving our tax problems from a failed business.   Dealing with the IRS can be scary enough.  However, finding a legitimate tax resolution firm can be even scarier!  You put us at ease from the moment we walked through the door. You reviewed our problem, took the time to listen to our concerns, and then proceeded to setup a step by step process to resolve our tax issues.   You were faithful in keeping us up to date with each phase of the process, but most importantly, you always kept true to your words.  

With your remarkable expertise and amazing results, we are now able to finally plan for a promising future, tax debt free.   

Marc & Amy O.,

Broomfield, CO


Although many companies say they will help you when you get in this situation… the reality is not everyone can deliver what they promise… You and your team, on the other hand, not only delivered as promised but, in fact, do go the “extra mile” when necessary.  I know because you have done that for me.  Although I was nervous about this process when it all began, it wasn’t long before I knew I was in good hands.  It has been my good fortune to run across such a capable group of people and I am truly appreciative.







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